In 1963, Hughston McBain of McBain 21st hereditary Chief was granted permission by the “road authorities” to place a sign on the A.862 road near Dores to mark the turn off to McBain Park.  Sadly it was taken only few years later.  By the late 1960s the second road sign installed by James McBain of McBain 22nd hereditary Chief was also removed.

Thanks to Allan MacBain, clan MacBean UK genealogist, for finding Alistair MacLeod, Principal Technician for the Highland Council Community Services, Inverness. In response to a request by Clan Tanist, Richard, for permission to replace the sign Alistair replied “We are constrained by the requirements contained within current legislation and guidance, and a modern day directional sign would need to fit within certain set standards.  As a compromise we would be content for a sign, similar to that shown in the photo supplied by you, to be erected at the rear of the verge next to the field boundary fence.”


With this great news in hand a new sign has been commissioned and will hopefully be installed by the summer of 2017.