Phase 2 “Journey of the Cats”


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After the thefts ending in 2011, we as a clan did the heavy lifting that Celts are famous for to restore our Park on be behalf of our Chief James McBain of McBain 22nd hereditary Chief of the ancient clan MacBean, our forefathers and all clans people around the world.  On August 5th 2016 McBain Memorial Park hosted a rededication ceremony to celebrate the return of the cats.  Many thanks to those that donated time, skills, and funds in recognition of the importance of this wee bite of land in the Highlands of Scotland.  Peter McIllwain, Clan president, brought 22 clans people from Australia, Canada, and many parts of the United States to the celebration. In total we had fifty plus and a drone.  Also present by way of Peter McIllwain was the MacBean tartan taken to the moon by Alan Bean Nov. 20, 1969.  Yes it’s true this piece of tartan was taken to the moon, to the surface, and back to planet earth, and now back to the lands of the ancient clan MacBean in Kinchyle Scotland.  If you’re a member you can read a great article about the trip to Scotland by Peter McIllwain in the members section of this site.  If you are not you are missing out.

The journey began with an artist, Moira Marti Geoffrion, former head of the University of Arizona Art department, who accepted the request of Richard McBain Tanist to donate her skills to create the cats which stand today at McBain Memorial Park.  Her sculptures give the Park a human touch with something created by her hands only.  The cost of creating two one of a kind pieces and shipping them across the pond to Scotland, and installing, isn’t cheap.  Thanks to James McBain of McBain’s passion to support all things Celtic.  Our Chief has volunteered his time to attend all of the highland games in Arizona, some for over 38 consecutive years.  Jude Mackenzie, who runs the Flagstaff Games in Arizona, took fundraising for this project as a challenge.  As a thanks to James McBain of McBain, Jude challenged the other highland games of Arizona to match the Flagstaffs donations to the cause, and they did.

We MacBeans are part of a larger family and that family is Clan Chattan.  August 4th 2016 at the Clan Chattan AGM Piper Cindi McIntosh-Behr volunteered to Pipe at the rededication and her contribution was amazing. Thank you Celia Mackintosh of Moy Hall for hosting the Cats, the plaque, and me Richard McBain of McBain younger during the entire construction efforts.  Finally, a special thanks to Lisa McFarlane my partner… It was her idea to travel light, very light, so the Cats could be our luggage… saving hundreds.

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