Our Organization

Clan MacBean Inc.

This organization was started as The John Bean of Exeter Family Associationbut eventually became dormant. At that time there was no recognized Chief of Clan MacBean. Bernie Bean started Clan Macbean in North America, Inc.as a way to resurrect and expand the old association. The Organization is controlled by the membership through the Board of Directors and the elected officers.

In 1996 the website was first launched and as more people around the world got in contact we changed our name to Clan MacBean, Inc. to better reflect the nature of the organization. With this name change we also that we also recieved a new tax status as a non-profit.

list of Officers, Directors-Executive Committees since 1896


Brief Statement of Our Tax Status

The purpose of Clan MacBean, Inc. is to educate and inform persons of contributions to Scottish history, heritage and culture made by members of the ancient Clan MacBean of Scotland, the ancient Clan Chattan Confederation of Scotland (of which Clan MacBean is a constituent) and descendants of both through a variety of educational activities including but not limited to the dissemination of histories, genealogies, works of art and other appropriate undertakings. To foster these activities, the IRS has granted Clan MacBean, Inc. status as a 501(c)(3) charitable educational organization. This means that contributions to our organization are tax deductible and may be claimed as charitable deductions on the contributor’s federal income tax.

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