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2018 Genealogy Department                        Allan MacBain             Thomas Bean                   Justine Bradford

We are starting 2018 off by offering our Members the new, updated Volume I, Descendants of John Bean of Exeter in pdf format and complete with pictures and an Index of both Names and Locations! This can be downloaded onto your hard-drive or thumb drive, costs just $10 and will be updated yearly at no cost for all dues-current Members. Our goal for next year is to complete Volume II, updated and Regionally organized in the same pdf format. and offered at the same price.

On the DNA front, Thomas has recently been asked to administer the MacBean DNA Project, in addition to the Bain and Bean DNA Projects, and is rapidly organizing a consolidated framework between all three projects.  Wonderful news for the Clan!

Allan, our UK Associate, has been working with our British, Australian, and New Zealand cousins, as well as researching our immigration queries and giving travellers’ hints to those of us lucky enough to visit the ancestral homeland.

All eyes are on the 2018 Stone Mountain, Georgia, Highland Games! Now is the time to organize and reserve your tickets, and rooms. This promises to be the best year, yet!

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