Phantly Roy Bean, Jr. (c. 1825 – March 16, 1903) was an eccentric U.S. saloon-keeper and Justice of the Peace in Val Verde County, Texas, who called himself “The Law West of the Pecos“. According to legend, Judge Roy Bean held court in his saloon along the Rio Grande on a desolate stretch of the Chihuahuan Desert of southwest Texas. After his death, Western films and books cast him as a hanging judge, although he is known to have sentenced only two men to hang, one of whom escaped.  Read more at Wikipedia – Roy Bean

Judge Roy Bean
Born 1825 Mason County, Kentucky, USA Died March 16, 1903 (aged 77–78) Langtry, Val Verde County, Texas, USA Other names Law West of the Pecos Occupation Justice of the Peace; Saloonkeeper Spouse(s) Virginia Chavez (divorced)[1]
Roy Bean holding court in 1900, trying a horse thief. Bean is in the center of the photograph, sitting on a barrel and holding open his law book. The thief is sitting on a horse underneath the “Ice Beer” sign, with his hands behind his back.

Law West of The Pecos