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2017 Genealogy Department                        Allan MacBain           Thomas Bean                  Justine Bradford

This year promises to be as full and rewarding for our members as last year! With the help of our first-rate Associates –Allan MacBain, Thomas Bean, and Mary Bean Jordan—we will continue to expand the Clan’s DNA Project and trace lineages for our members, as well as provide research tips where possible.

Our Clan Website will have more Patriarch trees as members present their lineages to publish, and the Photo Gallery will grow and continue to be permanently accessible for viewing and downloading at will. There are still many family genealogy books in our Archives that we are offering to our membership, and also many documents which will be either sold or given as a thank you for Life Membership sign-ups.

Please send us any questions you may have throughout the year, and remember to reserve your rooms early for the 2018 Clan Gathering at Stone Mountain, Georgia. This will be your opportunity to have face-to-face contact with your Clan Chief, Officers and Board of Directors, while experiencing the best of the Highland Games.


Dr. Justine Beane Bradford

Clan MacBean Genealogist

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